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Price Changes in July 2017

We've sent emails discussing the price changes. Here are the new prices from the start of July 2017.

PAYG Support: This support level will be changed to help reflect the true cost of the work required to maintain documentation and systems for clients and sites. Note that our DirectDebit payment method passes the bookkeeping savings back to you, and can reduce costs significantly back down to the old prices. 
If you wish to move to DirectDebit payment method, we will be sending you a fast & simple web signup form for instant savings shortly.

Wire transfer request scams

Please be aware when making large payments online, when seemingly instructed to by company management.

A few weeks ago we had a call from a customers employee who had been asked to make a £20,000 payment to an account by their company director.

The email came from the company directors account, mentioned the their name and which bank account to use. It even looked like many previous emails that had similar instructions to this member of staff.


New services launching soon!

We have been investing heavily in our systems these last few months, and are almost ready to offer these services widely. We have seen many flaws with the On Demand/PAYG model we have used these last years.

Retrieving the version of windows from an ISO

Mount the iso and run the following command (which assumes the drive is mounted on E:) at the command line.

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:E:\sources\install.wim /index:1

You will then get output which will tell you the type of Windows installation media you have including architechture.