AOL Email Limitations

E-mail File Attachments Size Limit

The largest piece of e-mail that you can send or accept from the Internet is 16 megabytes (MB). This includes the message text, headers and the attachment combined.

If the file you are trying to transfer exceeds 16 MB, you will need to either compress the file or split it into smaller parts.

If you attach multiple files, they will be zipped (compressed) into a single file by the AOL® software before they are sent out.


AOL Email test relays

Sending email to AOL customers can be a tricky business. Especially if you are say running your own mail server on an ISP connection like a lot of small businesses do, typically with Exchange on Windows 2003 Small Business Server.

AOL have given one minor tool to help you avoid the bouncebacks, (typically by changing your configuration so your email is sent through another SMTP 'smarthost' like an ISP's SMTP server)


Transfer AOL email,address and favorites out of AOL's software.

This handy commercial tool was found when it was necessary to move AOL mail out of the AOL program for a client.It exports a user's email, sent items, favorites and address book directly into Outlook for any version of AOL up to 9.0 (which AOL does not allow you to do).It even works if the client has canceled their AOL subscription (though it's better if they haven't).