Install the runPCrun remote support software.

Installing our remote support software is a simple procedure. Here we give a step-by-step guide which should help even the most nervous of PC users.

  • Click here to download the runPCrun support software
  • Click Run
  • Wait for it to arrive (about 50 seconds on a broadband connection)
  • If presented with a security warning, press "Yes" or "Run" again.
  • You will now see the RunPCRun 'Total Support' Setup Wizard.
  • Click Next then Read and Accept the agreement, click Next 3 times and then Install
  • Leave for 10 seconds and let the installation completely take place and press "Finish"

All windows should have disappeared and you should be left with a green "r" icon on your desktop saying "Connect to runPCrun" and a red "r" denoting "Email Support"

You can also go to the Start button > runPCrun > Connect to runPCrun. There are also other diagnostic programs bundled with it which you may be told to use by an engineer.