Error 1327.Invalid Drive : when installing an Application

I recently encountered a problem when attempting to install ACT! 2009 Premium on a clients computer. Every time I ran the installation program, the following message appeared on the screen.

error 1327.Invalid Drive: N:\  

Then the installer would close itself.

The machine was running Vista Business and had a mapped drive to a NAS called N:\.

Early searches led me to think it was a problem with either a previous installation or the Installer program itself. This did not make sense as ACT! to my knowledge had never been installed before on the machine.

Disconnecting Drive N: did not make a difference nor did running the Sage ACT! special uninstaller program just in case.

A quick phone call to Sage was next, who denied the problem was with their product but with the installer service on the computer itself. However, they did give me some information in passing which eventually helped me fix the problem.

According to Sage, ACT! copies some demo databases to the My Documents folder on the PC which is hardcoded to be on Drive C. This PC had the My Documents folder mapped to the NAS drive for backup purposes. Once I remapped the My Documents back to the local drive, the ACT! installation was able to run and it installed without any further problems.

So if you are seeing this error then check that your system does not have any odd drive name allocations or remapped My Document folders.