Printing in red from Adobe Acrobat PDF's

We seem to be seeing a bug in Adobe Acrobat 8.1.2 where printing a PDF from within Acrobat Reader prints out with red backgrounds on images with certain documents, it may be in conjuction with HP printers. But we've only seen 3 cases in various offices so it's hard to be certain of that at the moment.

There doesn't seem to be a fix that we've found at the moment, so we recommend as a temporary solution until it is fixed by Adobe is to either downgrade to an earlier version or to use an alternative PDF viewer.

I recommend the FoxIt PDF Reader as it is free, works well and is fast and solves this problem for the people who have come across it.



This does appear to happen with certain HP printers, like the 2605dn (mine, and I've seen other reports). Adobe claims to have fixed it in 8.1

but it still happens to me with version 8.1.2.

You can print successfully by clicking on the Advanced tab and choosing "print as image".

Here's a KB article with workarounds including this one:


I like the "Print using the PCL printer driver" option if its affecting "some PostScript printers" and the PCL driver is available. Thanks RobinS.

This happens on Macs 10.5.2 as well, the print option -> Advanced -> Print as image check box fixed it for me.

We have Tiger 10.4.11 and an HP 2840. Using Adobe Acrobat 8.1.4. The red images are printing EVERY TIME now for images.

THANKS! Print as image in the advanced tab worked!! = )