Download Adobe Reader 8.12 English without the download manager (Windows XP or Vista)


Good job to free the file from that ridiculous download manager.

would this work for vista's?


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Every other site I've gone to, to download Adobe Reader 8.12, has automatically switched to the 9.0 version, offering nothing else. Very frustrating.

Thank you so much I hve been tearing my hair out - not literally I might add!! as every site automatically takes me to Adobe 9. Such a relief to have it 'normal' again.

Two words, THANK YOU. The oppressive chains of Adobe have been released! I just wanted the software, not the 'impressive' download manager.

Ditto! I couln't believe that suddenly IRS fillable forms were no longer supported! Adobe's web site was no help at all - they wanted an expensive support subscription to even e-mail them about the problem!

Thank you for your help in this matter. Ever thought of getting a job in online customer service?

Many Thanks, I wanted to avoid Adobe download manager's intrusive pop-ups - so I think this is the ticket