Virtual Diamond - Your Administration - SORTED!

runPCrun use a virtual assistant for various tasks to do with running the company.

The benefits in using a virtual assistant are many. The ability to outsource useful, but time consuming tasks such as administration, research and bookkeeping (including credit control) are usefully taken off our plate by competent hands.

Invenias Outlook plugin hanging or freezing

runPCrun supports companies who are executive search and recruitment sectors. Many of these companies use software provided by Invenias.

This software has an Outlook plugin and we've seen problems with it hanging badly, when used in conjunction with ESET Antivirus softwares Outlook plugin.

The simple solution is to disable or uninstall the ESET plugin.


Retrieving the version of windows from an ISO

Mount the iso and run the following command (which assumes the drive is mounted on E:) at the command line.

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:E:\sources\install.wim /index:1

You will then get output which will tell you the type of Windows installation media you have including architechture.

"Bad email"


There appears to be a resurgence in "bad email" at the moment, so it seems an appropriate time to go over the rules for Sensible Computing.

While spam filters can filter out the vast majority of spam, no system is perfect. Spam filters can be gotten around by various methods such as using a known persons account, sending correctly formed email and acting like a "real email server" and so-on.

My advice is to never follow links from an email or open an attachment, without being completely sure that the email is legitimate.