Buying an OSIM Massage Chair in the UK - my experience

Update: Please note the new OSIM UK store, run by Francis Leow of FK Marketing (Company Registration No. 05697926) can be found at and is not related to this store at Bluewater or the company "Indigo Retail Ltd" (Company Registration No. 04254170 - formerly OSIM (UK) Ltd) - which this article concerns.

I walked into an OSIM UK store in Bluewater on 4th June 2006.(their website - went down shortly before this article was written) I'd saved up long and hard to buy one of their OSIM iSymphonic Massage chairs. I fell in love with these chairs in Singapore 5 years ago and I've been saving up for one over the last year to get one. This chair is -in my opinion- the best massage chair available. It measures you then massages your neck, back and legs and simply turns you into a floppy mess 15 minutes later!

OSIM iSymphonic Massage Chair

Remove the default wallpaper (for Dell server RDP access)

We recommend Dell servers to our clients. However for some bizarre reason they set the default wallpaper to their own high colour Dell wallpaper that is highly graded.

Unfortunately this has the side effect of making it very slow to access the server via RDP when connecting, as it has to transmit this wallpaper even when the "Wallpaper" option is switched off in the RDP client.


Ulead DVD Factory 5 experience.

Here is a brief note about my recent experience with the trial version of ULead's DVD Factory.
The client who owns a large horse stud farm and wanted to edit and burn her digital videos onto DVD to send to breeders who were interested in her horses.

After spending the morning upgrading her PC with 2Gb RAM, Firewire, 20" widescreen LCD and a 300Gb Hard drive and then proceeded to install the ULead package.

The goal was to have something wizard and step driven that will allow my client, a non-technical person to easily create simple DVDs.