Send large attachments via Email

Sending large files to other people on the Internet is a problem. If you send something bigger than 3Mb to someone with dial up or 20Mb on broadband you can end up locking up the recipients Inbox for an extended time and they may even think their computer has crashed. It can lock your machine up while you send it, and lastly increase the size of your and their mailbox dramatically ending up with problems such as corrupt mailstorage in Outlook and Quota Limits being hit and no more email being received in the recipents mailbox.

There is a solution however, called that allows you to send attachments up to 1000Mb by sending it through their service which hosts it temporarily on a website for 7 days and simply sends a link to the recipients email address.


Typical day in the life of RunPCRun vs Spyware

Customer: I seem to have lots of rubbish installed on my screen when I go to internet home page such as smiley stuff and cursor stuff I think that it is slowing down my computer and I'm also concerned that it may be spyware or something??? I have tried to get rid of them but can't seem to be able to.
Any ideas?

RunPCRun: They are a really difficult to remove sometimes.
You can run something like "Ad-aware" which could do it all automatically. Ad-aware is an automatic spyware cleaner, it'll find this rubbish and then ask you if it should remove it, make sure you tick it all and please realise it can't always do everything. If this doesn't work or you'd just like us to take care of it. RunPCRun can remove spyware manually too.


Exporting Outlook Account settings

If you're using POP or IMAP in Outlook, it's found that occasionally profiles and settings go a little wonky or software hooking into Outlook won't work any more (we've found that early Blackberry Desktop software can crash when you sychronise and you need to delete and recreate your profile to fix it)

You may want to move your mail settings to a new PC, or perhaps you need to backup of your mail settings for another reason. Either way, here are various methods with which to back up your Outlook Profile settings.