Sony Vaio Blue Screen Error

The Problem 

Recently I had a problem with my Vaio constantly blue screening with different errors each time. Further investigation of the errors led me nowhere, however, whilst trying everything I could think of I stumbled upon the problem.

It was the wireless!

The machine would function quite happily until I switched on the wireless device and then it would die.

The Solution 

Go to: http://www.    


Lesser known built in Windows XP software

  • Private character editor - eudcedit.exe
  • IExpress Wizard - iexpress.exe
  • Object Packager - packager.exe
  • Network shared folder wizard - shrpubw.exe
  • File signature verification tool - sigverif.exe
  • Driver Verifier Manager - verifier.exe
  • Encryption tool – Cipher.exe
  • Event triggers – Eventtriggers.exe
  • Messaging – Msg.exe

UK CCTV Systems and Suppliers

cctv From what I gather from some of my customers, making choices about what CCTV system you want to install to protect your premises and the after-service you expect to receive can be quite a minefield.

Now having been part of the IT side of installing CCTV in various of my customers locations (installing the CCTV software, configuring web interfaces for use internally and externally etc) I've found a couple of names keep cropping up and recommendations for their use.

I've disguised the names of the customers for their protection. Please note that the words in bold are quoted directly from my customers (with their permission) and are in no way affiliated to runPCrun. The links are direct links to their website and runPCrun gains nothing from these recommendations and they are not affiliated to us in any way, they are for information only.
As always it's always a good idea to get personal advice and recommendations from local people you trust and that have had experience with the kind of products or services you are interested in, and don't just trust some random website you're reading. Smile


OKI C5200n printer problems

Came across a bizarre problem today. Two PC's on a domain yesterday started printing to an OKI C5200n were producing nonsensical outputs (here's the standard Windows Printer Test page it produced). Other PC's on the domain were spooling through the server onto this printer and were printing correctly, as well these two machines. Printing directly from the server was also working correctly.


Remote support for a Pocket PC

remote pocketpc Had to do a remote support call today for someone having trouble with a MDA Compact II , which is a PocketPC phone. After unsuccessfully trying to walk the user through the simple steps required to change their email I did a search and came up with a Microsoft tool for remote controlling the PocketPC via the PC (which in turn I could see via VNC).