UK CCTV Systems and Suppliers

cctv From what I gather from some of my customers, making choices about what CCTV system you want to install to protect your premises and the after-service you expect to receive can be quite a minefield.

Now having been part of the IT side of installing CCTV in various of my customers locations (installing the CCTV software, configuring web interfaces for use internally and externally etc) I've found a couple of names keep cropping up and recommendations for their use.

I've disguised the names of the customers for their protection. Please note that the words in bold are quoted directly from my customers (with their permission) and are in no way affiliated to runPCrun. The links are direct links to their website and runPCrun gains nothing from these recommendations and they are not affiliated to us in any way, they are for information only.
As always it's always a good idea to get personal advice and recommendations from local people you trust and that have had experience with the kind of products or services you are interested in, and don't just trust some random website you're reading. Smile

Customer A

This customer heartily recommends "Y3K Direct" (0870 3654 012). They "have good prices" and that "they've bought a couple of CCTV systems from them".

Customer A mentions that may be "not the very best" in CCTV systems and go on to mention that in their opinion "Digital Sprite systems (from Dedicated Micros)are the best, but are also 2-3 times the price". Obviously this is a serious consideration for smaller businesses.

Customer A goes on to mention that "..there are issues with development with software" and that "their remote access software can fast fordward but can't fast skip forward" and they "need to be able skip". He also goes on to mention "but each year, their systems do get better" and that their "after sales service is very good" and they always "have patient staff" to help you out.

Customer B

Customer B uses Digital Sprite CCTV systems from Dedicated Micros who only deal though authorised resellers for maintenance and sales (although you can deal direct for support and their technical people are very good and very helpful in my experience).

After this customer experienced customer service issues with the "totally uselessADT (0800 1692 261) and then experiencing two months of delays in trying to get their Digital Sprite 2 RMA'ed through Sector Alarm (0870 8 505048), my customer and I both had the pleasure to contact ADI Gardiner Security (01706 343343) whom seemed genuinely interested to help, and help they did - the problem was quickly resolved through them. In customer B's words:-

"I just wanted to recommend Gardiner Security - whom he contacted - as a very professional and helpful outfit for cctv, door-entry systems etc.. Gardiner's Kingsbury office deals with West End. They also have an office in Beckton, east London." and "If any of your clients need this kind of equipment, I would recommend"

The customer or I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them again to anyone for Dedicated Micros equipment sales or support.