Amazing email worms that are traced back to an email account.

Got an email from a customer today containing this.
From: [] 
Sent: None
Subject: Mail server report.

Mail server report.

Our firewall determined the e-mails containing worm copies are
being sent rom your computer.

Nowadays it happens from many computers, because this is a
new virus type (Network Worms).

Using the new bug in the Windows, these viruses infect the
computer nnoticeably.
After the penetrating into the computer the virus harvests
all the e-mail addresses and sends the copies of itself to
these e-mail addresses

Please install updates for worm elimination and your computer

Best regards,
Customers support service

I had to admit it made me chuckle, a customer asked me what it was. My reply was something along these lines.

Complete rubbish is what it is, and even if it were absolutely 100% true, there would be no way of tracking it to your email to tell you about it, unless the "worm" that had infected your PC used your email address, which rarely -if ever- happens these days (it'd be too easy for people to stop and that's not the point of a worm or virus.)
Oh and "Please install updates for worm elimination and your computer restoring." means -in it's very bad English- that there was an attachment, which would have had a virus attached to it to run to infect your PC .

You are not likely to get a worm or virus on a PC such as yours (i.e. up-to-date Windows XP SP2, up-to-date antivirus, windows firewall and also behind a NAT router), please just delete these emails in future.

However, if someone really does want to contact your company about a worm or virus enamating from your office then it's possible for them to trace it to your Internet connection, and either look you up like this (this is basically an Internet connection telephone directory and will be able to get the telephone number or contacts email address to call or mail you about it) or simply report it to your ISP to pass the information onto you).

(FYI, I'm not contradicting myself from above, while a worm could be traced to your office, it could not be traced to an individual's computer or an email address from equipment outside your network)



I totally agree. Plus anyone that sends such warnings should identify the specific type of worm/virus in question.