Premium DNS changes

For the last 20 years runPCrun has provided premium Domain Name Services for its customers free of charge in order to protect our customers websites and email, and paid for the upkeep of this service ourselves.
Unfortunately in these tougher times, we can no longer maintain this service free of charge and will have to start charging for it at a cost of £1.20 per month per domain.

DNS is a service that binds the web together. When you type in into a browser, or send an email to it gets converted by a server into a “telephone number” (specifically an IPv4 address) so your computer can find it on the Internet.
If it breaks then both websites and email stop responding simply because they cannot be found. (There is sometimes some lag to this, which can help or hinder the situation)

We are presenting our customers with the following choice:-
Do nothing, and stay on Premium Domain Name Services: 
We will leave your domains on our Premium domain name servers, which provides the best Service Level Agreement and include a 100% uptime guarantee (or your money back for the month), faster lookup speeds, increased security, more room for personalized DNS configuration, and extra features that are useful.
Each domain costs £1.20 per month for hosting, and will be charged annually at £14.40 per year.

Request the move to free DNS hosting:
Free nameservers cover the basic needs of websites and email, including limited configuration features and less impressive Service Level Agreement. The provider we recommend is trusted by us, and has not had any problems that we are aware of, but naturally, with a free service there is no real recourse or complaints procedure if the service does not work fully or otherwise meet expectations.

We will point out once more though - if DNS services stop responding, then both websites and email stop responding simply because they cannot be found on the internet anymore.
As we are the one requiring this change, if you request the move to free DNS hosting, it will be performed free of charge but runPCrun bears no responsibility for the service working going forward


If you wish to move to complimentary free DNS, then please send this email into the support address as confirmation

I am writing to request the transition to a complimentary DNS service for my domain(s) managed by runPCrun. I understand and acknowledge the following terms associated with this request:

Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Liability: I recognize that by opting for a free DNS service, the reliability and uptime of my domain, including web and email services, may not match the levels provided by a paid service such as Amazon Route 53. I agree that runPCrun will not be held liable for any service interruptions, downtime, or inaccessibility of my domain(s) resulting from the use of the free DNS service.

Support and Service Charges: In the event that issues arise with my domain(s) as a consequence of using the free DNS service, I understand that runPCrun is not obligated to provide complimentary diagnostic or remedial services. Should I require assistance from runPCrun in diagnosing or resolving any issues, I acknowledge that such services will incur charges at the standard rate.

By sending this email, I confirm my acceptance of these terms and my decision to proceed with the free DNS service for my domain(s).