Client Area (for remote support)

Our latest assistance package that also supports mobile devices. Download via the links below for support.


Windows download


Android download

Mac download

iOS download

Atera (Windows)

1. Launch the downloaded program. (It may be in your Downloads folder.)
2. Give the 9-digit number to your IT admin.
3. When you want to end the support session, quit the program.

Old LogMeIn Rescue Calling Card

Support PIN:

LogMeIn Rescue Calling Card

Tips when connecting

Remote support is performed by downloading and running a special file for that support session.
Firefox/Chrome/Edge: If you cannot find your download after pressing Connect, press CTRL + J to see your downloads and click on the lmi_support.exe from there.
Safari(Mac):press Command+Option+L to get quick access to the list of recently downloaded files.
Internet Explorer (deprecated!): Click "Open" then "Run" after pressing Connect
On Windows you will also need to accept security prompts to allow the program to run.