How do I get a pound symbol? All about the ALT key.

If you need to use symbols or characters not easily accessible on your keyboard you can access them via your ALT key on any Windows PC.

Just hold the left ALT key and type the number for the symbol using the number pad on the keyboard (rather than the numbers on the top line).

  • Alt 156 - £ (Pound)
  • Alt 0128 - € (Euro)
  • Alt 155 - ¢ (Cent)
  • Alt 157 - ¥ (Yen)

Remember that on laptops the number pad is usually located on the main keyboard in blue numbers and accessed via the matching blue 'Fn' key (typically on the bottom left of the keyboard) .

Function Key

So on laptops it will go something like:-

  • Hold Alt + Fn
  • Type number e.g. 156 for a pound symbol - usually 'jio' on a laptop keyboard
  • Let go of Alt + Fn

There are symbols for languages, drawing, punctuation and lots more. Check out this full list of ALT codes in categories.



Yep and for all those UK Dell Mini 10 customers who're struggling with £ " and @ - you just need to go into control panel (classic view): regions and languages: and then change everything that says US to UK!