Internet Explorer 7 print preview is blank and being unable to print

Internet Exploder Quick Fix time...

Well this "Print preview is blank and you cannot print pages from Internet Explorer" problem was evident on a clients machine, however I couldn't actually open the Page Setup page either to resolve it.

The solution I found was this very handy IEFix - General purpose fix for Internet Explorer utility and seems to do what it says on the tin. So nice one Ramesh Srinivasan and thank you!


I tried to run the ie-fix but unfortunately got the following message:- Run-time error '-2147024770(8007007e)' Automation error The specified module could not be found If anyone has any other suggestions they would be much appreciated!

IEFix does NOT support Internet Explorer 7

And yet I used it with IE7 and thought it worth writing about. Citation?

I went to Internet tools. Clicked on Advanced. Under Printing, clicked Print background colors and images. Fixed it. Print preview and print pages works again.

Thanks. Everything prints and can also see the preview as well now.