IPcop firewall and OpenVPN

Having used IPcop for a few years now (and Smoothwall before that) I was excited to see a very nice looking OpenVPN add-on for IPcop. I really hope it gets supported or better, incorporated into the IPcop project. I'm certainly supporting it.

The best HOWTO I've found is here

Other good add-on pages I found whilst mooching around for those that are interested...



Hi I have just installed OpenVPN on my IPCop machine and everything is running fine. I have one problem though. I've downloaded and installed the client (GUI) for Windows and installed it, but the OpenVPN tray icon is missing. I am using WinXP Pro. I tried it on three different machines and having the same problem on all of them. Any way that I can fix that please?

Have you read our HowTo page on OpenVPN?