Major Service Outages

If you have major problem such as your email going down or your server not working, it is now possible to alert us via text message at anytime of the day including weekends.

This is particularly useful if the issue occurs outside of office hours or you don't have access to email.


How to use the Major Service Outage (MSO) text message system

  1. Create a text message to 020 3111 9121 (or +4420 3111 9121 if abroad)
  2. Start the text message with the letters 'MSO' to inform us that it is a Major Service Outage (and therefore an emergency)
  3. If you want us to contact you on a different number than you are texting from, please put your phone number and include any international dialling codes if you are abroad.
  4. State your company name (in a short, recognisable form where appropriate)
  5. State the problem in it's shortest and simplest form (for example "server dead" or "email down") try to keep it concise if you can.

If you are part of a larger office, please don't assume that someone else will alert us. In fact the more MSO's we receive from a company, the quicker we can realise it is a "global" problem rather than a single persons issue and therefore respond accordingly.