Reincarnation of Phobos

I have been setting up the reincarnation of Phobos as a W2k3 server.

Install went ok.
Couldn't RDP to it for a while there, then checked the System Properties and enabled RDP Access :D
Set up the printer.
Set up an _template user with fields with %username% not %user% makes it nice when creating new users :)
Created folders for shares.

Started copying files back from here to there.
In the meantime I looked into startup scripts for mapping drives and installing default printers.
Got a little help from here.
Did a couple of scripts and they seem to work!

Reinstalled the server :)
Except this time I clicked on Add Common Roles (or similar) and that
b0rked the pinging and the drive sharing as autoconfigured NAT firewall
when it added the Remote Access and VPN role. :S

TIP Default Password Complexity Requirements
Passwords Must Meet Complexity Requirements
This setting enables Active Directory to verify that new passwords meet
complexity requirements. The strong password policy included with
Microsoft Windows Serverâ„¢ 2003 requires that all passwords:

Not include any space-delimited portion of the user account name.

  • Contain at least six characters (may be overridden by Minimum Password Length).
  • Contain characters from three of the following four categories:
  • Uppercase English alphabet characters (A through Z).
  • Lowercase English alphabet characters (a through z).
  • Arabic numerals (0 through 9).
  • Special characters, such as !$#,%).

Set Default Domain Security Settings> Local Policies> Security
Options> Interactive Logon:Message text for users attempting to
logon and Interactive Logon:Message title for users attempting to logon

Created shared folders for Iso, Clients and Apps

Changed logon script to map drives for the Public, Iso, Clients and Apps folders.