Google Gadgets and Google Apps for your Domain

As usual, Google just keep on releasing more stuff, it's hard to keep up!

Three of the latest arrivals:-

  • Google Gadgets For Your Webpage - Example's here on our diagnostics page.
  • Google Apps for Your Domain - Gmail , Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Page Creator - all based at your domain name.
  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets - web-based word processing and spreadsheet program. What has my attentionĀ is unlike Excel on a domain, even with a VPN arrangment, different people can edit the same spreadsheet at the same time - so if Fred updated cell B4 in London, Sally will see it updated in Paris while she's updating cell E5.

I've had a play and I can see Google Apps and Google Docs & Spreadsheets working in conjunction with one another, the free, simple to setup and use virtual office is nearing. Interesting times...