Geeks and their chicks - Walk for life on 10th June 2007

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As mentioned elsewhere, RunPCRun do voluntary work for ICW , promote HIV causes and donate spare equipment when available.

Now RunPCRun are participating in Crusaid's Walk for Life on Sunday 10th June. The entry and walk for life page has been handled by my lovely wife and can be found here.

"Crusaid is a leading UK charity dedicated to helping poor and marginalised people affected by HIV and AIDS. Providing support, awareness, education projects and hardship funds, for the last two decades Crusaid has worked to enable individuals and communities to regain their dignity and improve their quality of life.
Charity Registration No 1011718"

So if you have any spare cash or have found the information on this site useful then please dig into your pockets and sponsor us (UK residents get 28% added to their donation) and help make the world a better place.