Windows XP end of life June 30th 2008

A reminder that Windows XP availability is nearing end of life, and will not be available after June 30 2008.

Now Dell in the US have announced that they will be offering Windows XP pre-installed after June 30 2008 via the Vista Business/Ultimate "downgrade" feature, but there are no equivalent announcements being made by Dell UK at this moment.

To avoid any problems, if you are considering buying a new PC in the near future and you wish it to have Windows XP installed, then I would advise you to buy now to avoid any uncertainty.

Please remember that this is the end of "OEM sales" whereby it can be purchased with a PC (the Vista loophole not withstanding). Retail copies are not being pulled off the shelves and the actual operating system will be supported by Microsoft until early April 2014



Microsoft has announced that XP has been extended until 2010

Windows XP Home edition has been extended for OEM's until 2010 only for "ultra-low-cost PCs," (ULCPC's)