Running as Administrator tips & tricks

A trick I assumed most people knew was how to run programs as administrator (especially Vista/7/8), however I still people getting tied up in knots about it. Things to remember:-

1) Certain areas of windows, such as Control Panel, have to be invoked as Administrator using runas and/or their actual executable. Trying to use the system object is not going to work. in the case of Control Panel, use 

runas /user:Machinename\Administrator "Control.exe"

or browse to C:\Windows\system32 and right click control.exe

2) Mapped drives and redirected folders can cause a problem if the administrator user (particularly on a domain) does not have these same places mapped/redirected also. I've seen people madly trying to run an executable on a redirected desktop and wonder why the program is not running (then they move it elsewhere and it is fine).
The other classic is someone elevating to administrator and wondering why they can't interact with their mapped drive within the installer.