OKI C5200n printer problems

Came across a bizarre problem today. Two PC's on a domain yesterday started printing to an OKI C5200n were producing nonsensical outputs (here's the standard Windows Printer Test page it produced). Other PC's on the domain were spooling through the server onto this printer and were printing correctly, as well these two machines. Printing directly from the server was also working correctly.

After reinstalling drivers, connecting directly to the printer via TCP/IP, checking logs and configurations etc and finding nothing I restarted the PC with all "Non-Microsoft" services and all startup items switched off by using msconfig. It then printed out fine!

So given a trail of breadcrumbs I went through switching everything gradually back on, until I narrowed it down to the "Machine Debug Manager" which I separately verified by disabling it in "Control Panel" > "Services" on the other PC I hadn't yet  touched and doing a test print - which then worked.

Machine Debug Manager Services Dialogue

Since the service is just for debugging Visual Studio and scripts - not normally needed in a standard office enviroment - I deemed it safe to switch off and leave off.

Has anyone else come across this sort of problem?



I have seen another issue again with the same client and the same type of OKI printer. The XP workstation had the latest OKI (v1.2.7) driver installed but produced garbage prints from Word. The same version of the driver was on another computer with no issues. After various investigations with Word margin settings and Normal template recovery the problem was reproducible when selecting Print Preview. For some reason when the OKI 5200 was selected the Print Preview only showed a small area of the page. When another printer was selected, the full page was displayed and hence printed correctly. This lead me to think it was a driver issue and not Word. After removing the drivers again fully from the Server Properties in Print Manager (file-->server properties-->drivers) I reinstalled the OKI printer on the administrator login (to rule out a corrupt user profile). The problem did not go away so it must have been some sort of corrupt driver/Word issue. Since there are no newer 5200n drivers on the OKI website, I chanced my luck and downloaded the OKI 5250n driver to see if that would work with the 5200. As soon as the 5250n driver was installed the problem in Word disappeared and the user was able to print again.