Printer Icon on Access 2003 task bar says (no Printer)

It seems that Access 2003 has a bug. Rarely, if the default printer is a PCL printer, this version of Access will simply refuse to recognise any printers - and they will not appear in the "Print" dialog window. There are three solutions that help.

  1. Change the default printer to some other installed printer. Then change the printer back to the PCL one within Access 2003. This worked for me but was not a satisfactory solution.
  2. Find Postscript drivers for the printer in question, install them and set this as the Default Printer. This is what worked for me.
  3. Installing the latest printer driver on the network printer. (From comments below).
  4. I read that Office 2003 Service Pack 1 resolves this problem, although I have not confirmed this yet as fix 2 worked for me. Update - A commenter below indicates that SP2 (and thereby SP1) does not fix it.




I've tried installing SP2, and that didn't help. I'll attempt using the PS drivers.

We're running SP2 and still had the problem. Resolved it by installing the latest printer driver on the network printer. Working fine now.

I have put a ps-printer , it works fine apparently.