Remote support for a Pocket PC

remote pocketpc Had to do a remote support call today for someone having trouble with a MDA Compact II , which is a PocketPC phone. After unsuccessfully trying to walk the user through the simple steps required to change their email I did a search and came up with a Microsoft tool for remote controlling the PocketPC via the PC (which in turn I could see via VNC). This wasn't available as a free application when I last used an application to remote control a PocketPC.

After installing this on the PC (and thereby the PocketPC once the owner plugged it in) I was able to resolve the issue quickly. Funny really as he was about 10 minutes walk down the road!

You can get the Remote Display Control for Pocket PC from the Microsoft website.


If you receive just a blank white screen on the PC and when you close the screen you get a message box titled "CERHost", stating "Error 10004 from accept" then do the following:-

1. Ensure that the device is connected the the desktop using ActiveSync 3.1 or above.
2. Launch the desktop host by clicking on Start > Programs > Remote Display Control > Remote Display Control Host.
3. On the Pocket PC, tap on Start > Programs > cerdisp.
4. Then tap OK > Connect.
5. Leave the hostname as "PPP_PEER" and tap "OK"

It should then connect. 



Time moves on and it seems this package does not work with some modern devices. However, we found another free package here

THANK GOODNESS!!!! I am embarrassed to tell you how long I've been battling RDC. Ca-raz-ee amount of time. Just a quick note on my particular configuration in hope that it may help someone else out: 1. CK31ex - Intermec Handheld computer w/barcode scanner 2. Active Sync 4.5 3. Windows CE Premium 4. Intermec Smart Systems Consol Most recent versions of ActiveSync and Smart Systems Console as of this writing (12/08/2009). Intermec can't help you and most of the posts out there are very shallow and vague. If anyone else is messing with Intermec equipment let me warn you ahead of time they list this as an unsupported feature and don't know much about it. Thanks again for the hostname trick. What relief! Thanks again!