Our stance on reviews and recommendations

We at runPCrun have always been objective about the hardware and software we recommend to customers. We simply pick the best products for quality, value for money and Total Cost of Ownership - and this is why our customers love us. Bringing this philosophy to our website is a natural progression for us, but unless you - the reader - are familiar with us or the website then how do you know we aren't just saying these things to line our own pockets?

Quite simply, you don't. However we provide this information below to allow you to make an informed judgement.

We are fans of the MoneySavingExpert website, and Martin Lewis's method of journalistic research and writing is very popular in the UK. To us it seems the correct way of running a website honestly, while still allowing some money to be made by doing what we do best in an open and honest fashion - just as we have done in our offline dealings with our existing customers.

We find the best services and products and we recommend them, then afterward we may become resellers, or attempt to get referral revenue via links to the relevant service. Not the other way around. If there is a link to a service or product that we have a vested interest in - in the form of a referral (or as a reseller), we will declare it with a big * (asterisk), and note it as such at the bottom of the page with a link to this page. (please note there may be the odd old article that is missing this, if you notice one please don't hesitate to let me know in the comment section of the relevant page)

So articles are written from a "what is the truth as we see it?" standpoint, this doesn't compromise our values, and we simply do what we would have done anyway in recommending a particular service or product. If you wish - you can even avoid the link and Google for it yourself and go directly there. We say this simply this so you know the situation and can avoid it if you wish, we aren't attempting to just get clicks.

Google adverts and adwords are of course the exception to this at the moment in time, but we are attempting to keep this to a minimum. People pay Google to have adverts on this website, and Google pays us a few pence if someone clicks on an advert. But everybody is familiar with what these adverts are and what they look like - and of course you are you free to ignore (or even block them) as you see fit. They are simply adverts using the context of the information written on the page and not recommendations by us.