Help! My Screen is Upside Down! - Shortcut Keys to Fix


We occasionally get a call that begins 'Help! My screen is upside-down!', this is usually on a laptop, and it can be done inadvertently - it has even been done by cats on the keyboard according to one customer. However, there are simple shortcut key combinations that can put everything back to normal.

If the display has been rotated, it can normally be corrected by pushing the key combination <Ctrl> + <Alt>+  <Up Arrow>. 

This capability to invert/rotate the display is a feature of some of the Intel® Extreme Graphics Chipset driver.  

The following chipsets are affected:

Intel® Extreme Graphics 845GE
Intel® Extreme Graphics 845GV
Intel® Extreme Graphics 845G
Intel® Extreme Graphics 845GL
Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 865G
Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 865GV
Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 855GM

Image rotation is enabled by default and is activated by the default key combination <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <F1>.

Once it is activated, you can rotate the display with the additional "Hot Keys":
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Right Arrow>
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Down Arrow>
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Left Arrow>
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Up Arrow>
To disable this Hot Key Feature, remove the check from the Enable Hot Keys selection box in the Extended Graphics properties.