The runPCrun Support System

Our Support ticket system records all correspondence on each support issue.

This creates a full audit history that our engineers and clients (if requested) can view. It is created when a customer emails us at the address or is opened for them when we are called on our 020 3355 9222 phone number.

  • By creating a new support ticket, the problem is recorded, a ticket number and email is assigned to the client and can be assigned and actioned by an engineer.
  • Higher priority issues can be effectively dealt with and it prevents situations such as where emails sent directly to our engineers are then overlooked due to factors such as workload, engineer absence and error.
  • Failure to use the system correctly may cause issues to be tracked incorrectly and mistakes or oversights may happen as a result.

Guide to using the runPCrun Support system

    1. Please use instead of personal engineer email addresses for all correspondence related to an IT support issue or query.
    2. When an email is received, a confirmation is sent back with the ticket number in the subject like this:-
      [ #12345] Problem with my monitor
      This #xxxxx number is the ticket number assigned to this issue.
    3. Please reply to the ticket when responding on a previous issue. If you send a new email to it will generate a new ticket and the problem can not be tracked properly. If you are forwarding an email or you have to send a new email which is relevant to the issue, please copy the [ #12345] part into the subject line of the new email.
    4. Please quote this ticket number if you phone support at the start of the conversation so we may more effectively and quickly deal with your request.

      Resolved Tickets

      Once a problem has been resolved you will be sent a final 'resolved ticket' notification email. Please only reply to this resolved ticket email if:-

      • You are not satisfied with the work carried out
      • You have further questions or concerns on that particular issue in the ticket.

      Replying will re-open the ticket on the system. Please do not reply to this resolved ticket email if :-

      • If you wish to ask a general question.
      • You wish to ask a question on another matter.
      • This issue is resolved and you wish to thank us.

      Help in reporting problems

      • Check that you've restarted all the bits of equipment involved in your problem. If you have no Internet, restart your router and your PC. If a printer that is shared isn't working, restart the printer, the sharing PC  and your PC.
      • Is the problem reproducible? If so, note the steps to reproduce it. There's nothing worse than taking your car to the mechanics and finding that the noise it was making for the last week is no longer happening.
      • Use the subject line wisely. Subjects such as "black line on monitor" or "no internet" is much more helpful than no subject or "FOA: Dan"
      • You don't need to be technical, but be as specific and precise as you can. 
      • When reporting errors via email please either record the error message precisely or read "How to use PRINTSCREEN to send in errors" in order to capture the error automatically.
      • If the problem is related to email error messages, please use the article on Forwarding Email Headers to forward the relevant email error messages and bouncebacks from yourself or your customers.