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Transfer AOL email,address and favorites out of AOL's software.

This handy commercial tool was found when it was necessary to move AOL mail out of the AOL program for a client.It exports a user's email, sent items, favorites and address book directly into Outlook for any version of AOL up to 9.0 (which AOL does not allow you to do).It even works if the client has canceled their AOL subscription (though it's better if they haven't).


Loops, out-of-office and spam.

Emails can loop. As both sender and the recipient have their out-of-office turned on, but both are sending emails anyway. One party sends a message which triggers the others out of office which bounces back and triggers theirs. The error message is not sent until the out-of-office is turned off otherwise another loop would occur.

Some errors are replies to Spam emails that have been sent the out-of-office message. The spam had an incorrect or fake reply-to address and when the out-of-office message is returned to the fake address that email server sends out an 'unknown' or 'failed' back to you.


How to add other person's mailbox to your Outlook profile?

In Outlook 2000:

1. On the Tools menu, click Services.
2. Click Microsoft Exchange Server in the service list and click Properties.
3. On the Advanced tab, click Add.
4. Type the name of the Mailbox owner in Add Mailbox.
5. Click OK twice.

In Outlook 2002 or 2003: