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Sony Vaio Blue Screen Error

The Problem 

Recently I had a problem with my Vaio constantly blue screening with different errors each time. Further investigation of the errors led me nowhere, however, whilst trying everything I could think of I stumbled upon the problem.

It was the wireless!

The machine would function quite happily until I switched on the wireless device and then it would die.

The Solution 

Go to: http://www.    


OKI C5200n printer problems

Came across a bizarre problem today. Two PC's on a domain yesterday started printing to an OKI C5200n were producing nonsensical outputs (here's the standard Windows Printer Test page it produced). Other PC's on the domain were spooling through the server onto this printer and were printing correctly, as well these two machines. Printing directly from the server was also working correctly.


This body part will be downloaded on demand

There seems to be some problem in the way the Thunderbird email client handles certain kinds of attachment which means the message "This body part will be downloaded on demand" is displayed when you try to view a message. We've seen this problem both with VCard attachments (.vcf) generated by Thunderbird when combined with other attachment types, and with certain attachments sent from Microsoft Outlook.