Archos 605 wifi

Since I travel into London each morning from Huntingdon which is a 50 minute journey each way I have started to watch a LOT of video to pass the time.

At first, I used my Nokia N95 and an application called Smartmovie . This was perfect as I was keen not to have to carry around a lot of tech, and having your phone as a movie player was perfect. The downside was that I had to convert each XVid into a smaller format that Smartmovie could display on the N95's it's 320x200 screen.


Mini-Review of Orange SPV M5000

Gadget fever

Gadget upgrade fever is a condition that afflicts most IT people and it did seem an age since my last phone upgrade. In fact, I had been using my Nokia 6630 for almost a year when I started to suffer the familiar tech-envy.

As is the case when deciding the next phone upgrade, which way do you go? Do you stay with the tried and trusted or do you go for something a little different. Since I am a Nokia fanboy, it was the N80 that I coveted.