Why buying small form factor is not a good thing

A few years ago, one of our clients needed to replace their old office workstations. Great we thought and prepared a quote for 5 new Dell workstations with flat screens.

Since their office is quite small - it's in Regent Street (a high rent area in Central London) - we gave them the option of a small form factor Dell Optiplex SX270 to save space in the office.


Ulead DVD Factory 5 experience.

Here is a brief note about my recent experience with the trial version of ULead's DVD Factory.
The client who owns a large horse stud farm and wanted to edit and burn her digital videos onto DVD to send to breeders who were interested in her horses.

After spending the morning upgrading her PC with 2Gb RAM, Firewire, 20" widescreen LCD and a 300Gb Hard drive and then proceeded to install the ULead package.

The goal was to have something wizard and step driven that will allow my client, a non-technical person to easily create simple DVDs.