Creating a low-cost, full feature dual WAN (load balance or fail-over) firewall.

I'm in love...

I guess I should qualify that statement. I've been working on finding a firewall to deploy to our customers. 

Gradually more and more of our customers want or need 2 ADSL lines for fail-over and/or VoIP traffic quality purposes. So the task was to find a robust router that importantly wasn't going to be deprecated or discontinued for a fair while so we could standardise on it. Our problem recently with low end ADSL routers is that we'd find a nice one, then after a few months we wouldn't be able to buy it anymore.

In praise of IPCop

Here are runPCrun we use a lot of equipment - servers, routers, switches, workstations, if it has a plug then chances are we've opened the box, took a good sniff and installed it.

Since we have a large amount of clients it is good sense for us to standardise on what we use to make our life easier. One of the most important thing to standardise is the firewall. Our choice of firewall needs to have the following features:-


UK CCTV Systems and Suppliers

cctv From what I gather from some of my customers, making choices about what CCTV system you want to install to protect your premises and the after-service you expect to receive can be quite a minefield.

Now having been part of the IT side of installing CCTV in various of my customers locations (installing the CCTV software, configuring web interfaces for use internally and externally etc) I've found a couple of names keep cropping up and recommendations for their use.

I've disguised the names of the customers for their protection. Please note that the words in bold are quoted directly from my customers (with their permission) and are in no way affiliated to runPCrun. The links are direct links to their website and runPCrun gains nothing from these recommendations and they are not affiliated to us in any way, they are for information only.
As always it's always a good idea to get personal advice and recommendations from local people you trust and that have had experience with the kind of products or services you are interested in, and don't just trust some random website you're reading. Smile


Buying an OSIM Massage Chair in the UK - my experience

Update: Please note the new OSIM UK store, run by Francis Leow of FK Marketing (Company Registration No. 05697926) can be found at and is not related to this store at Bluewater or the company "Indigo Retail Ltd" (Company Registration No. 04254170 - formerly OSIM (UK) Ltd) - which this article concerns.

I walked into an OSIM UK store in Bluewater on 4th June 2006.(their website - went down shortly before this article was written) I'd saved up long and hard to buy one of their OSIM iSymphonic Massage chairs. I fell in love with these chairs in Singapore 5 years ago and I've been saving up for one over the last year to get one. This chair is -in my opinion- the best massage chair available. It measures you then massages your neck, back and legs and simply turns you into a floppy mess 15 minutes later!

OSIM iSymphonic Massage Chair