Mozilla Firefox

My "Handy Firefox Extension" list

One of Firefox's strengths is the ability to add "extensions" to the browser. These little additions to Firefox can greatly extend the functionality of the browser.

Here I put my favorites and what they do. I don't expect the list to be fully implemented with anyone else as everyones needs are different, but maybe the odd nugget of information may help you.


Typical day in the life of RunPCRun vs Spyware

Customer: I seem to have lots of rubbish installed on my screen when I go to internet home page such as smiley stuff and cursor stuff I think that it is slowing down my computer and I'm also concerned that it may be spyware or something??? I have tried to get rid of them but can't seem to be able to.
Any ideas?

RunPCRun: They are a really difficult to remove sometimes.
You can run something like "Ad-aware" which could do it all automatically. Ad-aware is an automatic spyware cleaner, it'll find this rubbish and then ask you if it should remove it, make sure you tick it all and please realise it can't always do everything. If this doesn't work or you'd just like us to take care of it. RunPCRun can remove spyware manually too.